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Dr. Brian McDaniel


Dr. Brian McDaniel, a 2018 California Teacher of the Year and 2019 Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist, is a music educator who has raised over $1 Million  through grants, donations, sponsorships, and fundraisers to ensure access for every child in his program.

As an educator since 2006, he has successfully built award winning Elementary, Middle and High Schools music programs, serves in Leadership with various school and teacher organizations, and is an Educational Justice Advocate who is passionate about helping students overcome obstacles through academic opportunities.


Choosing to serve in a Title I school, he founded The Regiment, his student-led music organization that serves as a safety net for students; helping kids to overcome the trials of school and life. The Regiment continuously improves school climate and academic performance by living up to their motto of rising “Beyond All Expectations”.

Thank you Dr. McDaniel, 

On behalf of the students, parents and boosters we would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Music Programs at Rancho Mirage High School. 

Coming out of the Corona Virus shut down and getting the program to a two-time National Title winning program has been an amazing experience for the students.  

Thank you for your time and dedication to the students. You are guiding many to college, some in the field of music, some not but they all will have amazing music skills, bonds of band friendships and life long memories. 

 Robyn Fuller - Treasurer

 RMHS Instrumental Music and Band Boosters 


RMHS Dr. Brian McDaniel with Awards

Dr. Brian McDaniel

2022 WorldStrides Anaheim Sweepstakes Award

2023 WorldStrides Hollywood Sweepstakes Award

2023 WorldStrides Hollywood Gold 1st Jazz Band Award

2023 WorldStrides Hollywood Gold 1st Symphonic Band Award

2023 WorldStrides Hollywood 4 Maestro Awards - Jazz 

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