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Medical Clearance to Participate in Marching Band! 

Did you know that participating in marching band all four years at Rancho Mirage High School covers your total PE requirement? That's right! You do not have to take PE if you are in marching band. Why? Marching band is a physical school activity. Because of this (and added COVID-19 precautions), medical clearance is now required. 


Click on the link below to access the medical clearance form. All you have to do is take the form to an urgent care or your primary care doctor and request a physical for school. The doctor checks you out to make sure you're safe to participate, signs off on the form and you bring it back to the band director! It's that easy.  


Clinics are also hosted at the high school for a nominal fee. Stay tuned for those dates! 

It is mandatory that this clearance be submitted. No clearance? No marching band. Download the form now! 

               8th Grade Band Parents!  It's time to start thinking about about high school!  Check to see if your student is zoned to attend Rancho Mirage High School and how you can submit an intra-district transfer! Click:

Fill out the incoming freshman info form on the "Join RMHS Bands" page to get a jump start on next year, plus see all the fun your student can expect as a Rattler musician! 

             Athletic / Medical Clearance to Participate in Marching Band and competitions/festivals!  

Download the clearance form below and take with you to a local urgent care or your primary care doctor and have a physician sign off on the form. Bring it back to the band director once completed! This is mandatory.


RMHS Athletic Clearance website


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